How to choose a sleeping bag?


What exactly is the TOG value?

The TOG value indicates the thermal resistance and the insulation value of fabrics. However, it is important to consider additional factors when making a choice, such as the season, room temperature, and undergarments to be used with the sleeping bag.


For summer nights we recommend a sleepsuit / pajama and a 0.5 / 1 TOG sleeping bag, depending on the room temperature. If the baby is to be put to sleep in a room with an open window, it is suggested to opt for a 1 TOG sleeping bag.


With the onset of colder weather we recommend to take a warmer sleeping bag for the nights. During the fall and winter months a 2 TOG thickness is suggested (approximately for a 18-21 degree room it's perfect.) We recommend to experiment with various undergarments to be able to find the best combination for your needs, and to adapt to varying room temperatures. For example, a sleepsuit under the sleeping bag may suffice for fall, but during winter, an additional bodysuit layer may be necessary.


You're not yet sure?

We have developed an innovative baby clothing line in collaboration with research doctors, perinatal clinics, engineers, and sleep experts at Kenguru. Additionally, we have created a web application that can assist you in the dressing process. The application allows you to select from various age groups, activity levels, and external temperatures, ensuring a perfect fit for all settings.  You can access the web application through this link.

I'll check out the application

In case you have any questions, or require further assistance in choosing the right sleeping bag, feel free to contact our production manager, Kinga: