"A child's life is like a sheet of paper, on which everything that comes along leaves a mark..."

KENGURU toddler sleeping bag

Textile innovation

We developed an innovative toddler sleepwear line from the age of 0,5 to age 4. Our sleeping bags are made out of materials that have great vapor permeability, and have between 0,5 to 2,5 TOG insulation value. We offer a unique solution for sweat prone infants and toddlers for their comfort.


The KENGURU sleeping bag

Comfort and safety

Our layettes are developed with the help of medical researchers and specifically created to complement the physical features of infants, paying close attention to their undeveloped and sensitive skin, unique heat management and the risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In the making of our premature collection we worked closely with the nurses and doctors of the PIC centrum, and baby sleep experts.


OEKO-TEX certefied

Premium textiles

We work with certified textiles and textile blends chosen by experts.

family business

Kenguru Gold was founded by Éva and Ferenc in 1982. Since then, not only the business, but also the family grew, as they had 7 children and 14 grandchildren. Now, many children are working together to rebuild the Kenguru Gold brand.

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